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we established the business with Tenbro bamboo for 4 years who always provide a good service and strong support for us. 
Therefore, we created a new textile business together and grow up quickly. Thanks to Shanghai Tenbro company.

Mr. Gary Lin —President

New Fibers Textile Corporation ( TaiWan)
TENBRO is reputed supplier with good service.Quality is always very good and stable.

Mr.Erwin Loibls---President

Tucano Lda.( Portugal )

We are deeply impressed by your professional service, reply is always very quick and clear.
Price is competitive.

Mr. sachin_doshi 

Merlin Exports (Doshi Group)
 Shanghai Tenbro ®                       
Patent holder of bamboo fiber textile
Shanghai Tenbro is the earliest and most professional bamboo fiber supplier  in China , and the patent holder of bamboo fiber products......
Professional bamboo fiber manufacturer

As leading supplier of bamboo fiber , Tenbro is has been invested by Lorpar Industrial Co.,ltd. and has been engaged in bamboo fiber production for more than 8 years.
Most famous bamboo fiber brand
90% of our products are exported , we are exclusive supplier to a lot of world famous CLIENT for good quality and reputation of TENBRO bamboo textile product.    
(New)Lyocell Babmoo Fiber And Bamboo Yarn Come Out!
Really Green And Eco-Friendly Bamboo FIber ...(more)

Lyocell bamboo fiber is Solvent Humidity Modulus bamboo fiber, during which there is no chemical reaction, waste water and gas, and harmful chemical residues, therefore it is real environment-friendly green fiber.
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TENBRO pass the OCIA/NOP ORGANIC certificate! (new)

TENBRO is ready to show in PREMIERE VISION  in paris from  Sep 23-26 (new)
tenbro organic bamboo fiber PACKING COLLECTION (new)


Oeko Tex Certification CLASS I PASSED
   tenbro organic bamboo fiber Functions                    
  tenbro organic bamboo fiber was 100% made from bamboo that selected from non-polluted region in Sichuan Provice,China.
Bamboo can grow as much as 3 feet over night .Because bamboo is a fast growing renewable resource it can replace cotton,wood ect.tenbro organic bamboo fiber is biodegradable textile material.It can be100% biodegraded in soil by microorganism and sunshine.The decomposition process doesn't cause any pollution to environment.

Naturally Antibacteria
  tenbro organic bamboo fiber has natural functions of anti-bacteria anddeodorizaton.Even after fifty times of washing ,tenbro organic bamboo fiber fabric still possesses excellent function of anti-bacteria.tenbro organic bamboo fiber's natural anti-bacteria function differs greatly from that of chemical additive.The later often tend to cause skin allergy when added to apparel.

Breathable And Soft Feel                     
  Because the cross-section of the tenbro organic bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes,it has much better moisture absorption and ventilation.With this unparalleled micro-
moisture ,tenbro organic bamboo fiber apparel can absorb and evaporate humans weeat in a split second.
tenbro organic bamboo fiber has extremely soft and comfortable hand feel and beautiful luster similar to silk.
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